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NABET : Introduction

National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) is a constituent Board of Quality Council of India (QCI). NABET in recent years has enlarged its scope of activities and is trying to match its progress with Slogan of QCI i.e.  "Creating an Eco System for Quality".


At the 2nd QCI National Quality Conclave in 2007, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam in his address stated that if we have to bring Quality in the Nation we need to begin at the roots i.e. in schools.


The Accreditation standard for Quality School Governance has been developed in the above mentioned context. With the growing needs of competent personnel and credible vocational training courses in various industry sectors, NABET has been rapidly expanding its scope of services to cater to the needs of the industry. NABET has established a mechanism for the accredited certification of Educational organizations, vocational training organizations and for accreditation of skill certification bodies. 


The Accreditation Standard for Quality School Governance if understood and implemented in its true spirit will enable schools to improve and transform themselves. It helps schools to move from being individual/people driven to process/system driven.

School Accreditation is not a threat or an invasion to privacy. The standard is not a tool that dictates terms & conditions. It is an attempt to achieve excellence through an education quality management system. The only driver that could bring in a radical transformation in this mission is Accreditation.

Overall benefits

  • Conceptualize national curricular objectives in school processes

  • Standardize school processes as per national / international requirements

  • Design school governance structure and methodologies

  • Enhance the teaching / learning process

  • Design performance measurement and evaluation methods.

Benefits for Students/Parents

  • Improved quality of education

  • Holistic / balanced education helping students for personality development

  • Organized and transparent school system for better day to day experience for students and parents

  • Feedback system to get student and parent’s issues addressed

Benefits for School

  • Capability development for delivering quality education

  • Quality improvement in existing school system / process

  • Proven and predictable model to run the school

  • International standards applied for local and national school needs

Benefits for School staff

  • Establishing quality culture

  • Energetic and motivated staff

  • Scientific and systematic approach towards teaching

  • Continuous learning and training resulting skilled staff

  • Efficient and improved work environment

  • Work satisfaction


Benefits for School Management

  • Benchmarking school against best in education field

  • International recognition for quality standards (In addition to NABET Accreditation the school can get Scottish Qualification Authority – SQA accreditation also on payment of a nominal amount annually)

  • Achievement of objectives and goals

  • Establishing center of excellence and continuous improvement

  • Establishing and working towards long term goal

  • Regular feedback on performance through internal and external assessments


Once your Organization determines to go for NABET Accreditation, QualityKonnect Consultants shall guide you in each and every step of the process, starting from 'CONCEPTION' to "REALIZATION'. 

Preparing the Organization for NABET Accreditation

The Organization should have implemented the NABET Standard before applying. QualityKonnect Consultants with their expertise shall help your organization to understand the standard and train your staffs and implement at your organization. 

Preparing your organization will cover the following activities:

  • GAP Analysis report of entire Organization as per NABET guidelines and suggest changes in Infrastructure, Personnel or any Regulatory or Statutory compliances if required. 

  • Preparation of various Quality Documents like Quality Manual, Hospital Wide Manual, Departmental SOPs, Files, Formats etc. 

  • Training of staffs  

  • Formation of Core Quality Team and guide them implementing standard throughout the organization. 

  • Formation of various Committees .

  • Conducting Internal Audit. 

  • Statutory Compliance Guidelines. 

  • Providing guidelines for various displays. 

  • Implementing policies for capturing Quality Indicators. 

Filling Application process in NABET online application portal. 

Once the school is ready for Application, QualityKonnect shall help you to fill the application as per the instructions given in the online application portal. School should fill the application and provide the information details very carefully as this is relevant to determine the scope of services and to take the process further. This is why you need the expertise, and we have inevitable experiences in this domain for more than a decade. 

Implantation of NABET standard 

In the mean time, when your application is being scrutinized by the NABET authorities and plan your readiness visit, QulaityKonnect Consultants shall be guiding you to implement the standard throughout your organization by conducting training of Staffs, Internal Audit, various Mock drill and other implementation process. Before the pre-assessment, it is important to check the readiness of your organization. Our experts shall conduct the Mock audit just the way it is done by NABET to ensure the preparedness of the organization to face the actual assessment. 

Support during Readiness visit of your organization

Once the application is accepted, NABET will plan the readiness visit after mutually deciding with the organization to check preparedness of the organization. A team of Principle Assessor will visit the organization and submit their observations. Corrective and preventive action needs to be taken for all observations raised by the assessors and supporting documents need to be submit to NABET portal within recommended time frame by the Assessors.

During the Assessment, QualityKonnect shall be giving you entire assessment support from the backend. At the end of the assessment, our expert will guide you to take proper corrective and preventive action against the Assessor's observations. 

Final-Assessment of your organization

After School has taken necessary corrective action to the non-conformities raised during the readiness visit, NABET shall propose a final assessment. During the Final Assessment, the assessor will check the entire facilities covered under accreditation and review the documented management system in detail and verifies its compliance to the standards.

During the Final Assessment, QualityKonnect shall extend the entire assessment support from the backend. At the end of the assessment, our expert will guide you to make details assessment report along with proper corrective and preventive action against the Assessor's observations raised during the assessment and will submit to NABET portal within recommended timeline suggested by the assessors. 

Once your submitted corrective/ preventive action against the observations raised by the assessor is accepted by the NABET TEAM , you will receive the Accreditation certificate. 

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