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Updated: Jun 30, 2021

There has been a longstanding skepticism which every #Healthcare Organization has to face as they need to expand their business by getting #accreditation: Should we hire a Registered Consultancy firm or a freelancer?

Freelancing is becoming more common in this fast paced economy, as they can be hired at a very affordable price point than hiring a professional registered company for the same job. It is widely observed in recent times, there is a mushrooming of many self-proclaimed Freelancing Healthcare consultants, who either are only associated and performing a job in some organization, or were a part of a standard implementation committee, for their respective organizations, and thus they will offer you an assistance in getting accreditation for your organization at very minimal charges. But the #QUESTION is whether one should go ahead with the Freelancer at minimal charges or hire a professional agency who might quote a more practical and feasible fee for the services they render.

We all are catering to the healthcare domain in our own capacities, so it is wiser and more prudent to stick to quality and the professional way of operations rather than focus only on the service fee involved. The final onus lies onto the objectives and the depth and width of services one would expect from the outsourced professional help.

The basic tenets which outlines the purpose and needs of an organization while selecting an agency highlights the following concerns:


There is no ‘I’ in #Team: The biggest advantage of hiring a professional company is the access to an entire multi-faceted team which will be able to attend to all of your design, development and your needs and aspirations. Furthermore, since every aspect of the project is delivered by one team, the final product is more consistent and homogenous than if you were to hire several freelancers for various aspects of the process.

#Limitations: Typically, when you hire a freelancer with a specific task in mind, any unexpected change or modification to your project will derail the whole process in totality, as only the menial tasks can be handled by the freelancer, whereas a multidisciplinary team would provide full-scale solutions leading to much better outcomes.

#Reliability: No matter how talented, professional and committed a freelancer is, unexpected disruptions such as illness, time zone differences or family emergencies can leave your projected stranded in vain. Working with a professional agency eliminates this risk as the team can compensate for the loss of one of their personnel and still meet your deadlines.

#Camaraderie: Freelancers, inevitably would not be able to develop that functional relationship which would be extremely beneficial in shaping the dream together. A team, on the other hand, would handhold the process in the minutest way by being together all the way.

#Speed, #Experience and #Efficiency: Along these same lines, professional agencies have accumulated invaluable experience working together to deliver comprehensive, high-quality projects for their clients. They have established a workflow, can leverage each other’s strengths and can accurately project the necessary resources needed and the timelines involved that will be required to accomplish your goals. A professional agency will be much faster, more efficient and in sync with the needs of the clients.

Lack of #Proper #Management #practices: Hiring freelancers can help you to reduce cost, but if they are not being managed efficiently from a distance, it would lead to extended cost.


Throughout the years, we have earned a #reputation of being one of the best consultants in this domain. #Client #satisfaction have always been our first #priority, and we go above and beyond to make sure that they achieve the results they aspired for. Whether during the launch of a new project, or expansion of a current #business or even timely tips on enhancing the operations, we are the one-stop-shop for all solutions.

Business mentors are the key and that’s why we are specific when it comes to client selection. We are dedicated to give each of you, the #time and #guidance that you deserve. Whether you’re seeking a #strategic alliance with the right partner or a special skillset or tool, we are your go-to guys. #Together we’ll create and actuate your plan for #success. We didn’t get here alone, and neither will you. Our services include comprehensive assistance to help identify gaps and opportunities, a comprehensive report that includes a project plan along with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schematic projection. We also offer a suite of quality products that will help you get there quickly and smoothly. That’s how we ensure the realization of your dream.



#Security of your project: "A TEAM IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN AN INDIVIDUAL". As a consultant company, QualityKonnect is approached by many organizations, who are stuck either at the start or midway of their project, because of the lack of experience and availability of their freelancer consultant. However at QualityKonnect our team is always on their toes to carry on the baton where the other member might be unavailable in any case. This ensures continuity of your project even in the worst case scenarios.

Our #Commitment: Companies are built brick by brick with the hard work, sweat and efforts of its stakeholders and employees. For us, the brand value and the honor and emotions which come with it, are the most valuable assets. We are focused to stay ahead and grow consistently for years, and therefore are more sincere towards our responsibilities and commitment. Realization of every project we have undertaken, is yet another feather in our crown and we are in it to make it matter.

#Consistent Progress: At QualityKonnect, we have a robust project management team and knowledge transfer process. This ensures the whole team is operating at the same level and are kept abreast with project details at all times.

You can #complete your project, as fast as you want: Compared to a freelancer, QualityKonnect has more resources to dedicate them to your project. We have a combined experience of many experts put together, compared to a single individual freelancer. When you hire us, we can help you finish the implementation part of your project as fast as possible, by allocating more resources and manpower to your project if needed to achieve the desired deadline.

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