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Team of Experts

QualityKonnect, founded by a group of young and courageous individuals who took a leap of faith to form this chapter and their legacy is alive by a group of Professional Business Fraternity who is led by strong, intelligent and determined individuals from different fields including Medical Professionals, Researchers, Academicians, Finance Head, Architecture Engineer, Lawyers and other experts from various sectors. Each member of our Executive Board represent the chapter, and are dedicated to propelling us forward each and every day. We have the privilege of being led by these exceptional individuals who have demonstrated the courage and flexibility needed to run our Professional Business Fraternity. Their leadership skills have helped us grow, expand and become the chapter we are today. With a passion for leadership and a desire to make a difference during their time at QualityKonnect, our Executive Committee is fully dedicated to making the right decisions, as well as actively looking for philanthropic and volunteering opportunities for members to thrive and grow. Our members are actively involved in many events throughout the year, allowing them to create lifelong bonds and consistently give back to the community.

Core Members

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